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We are about to show you some great information that will help you find a Nintendo Wii! We used the basic information quite a few times & it alone helped. We later found that the more information we accumulate (found on these websites) the more simplified and fool proof the challenge became.

Our goal here is to help you locate a Nintendo Wii close to your location. Our portal site offers directions on how to be alerted Via text & email when a Wii is in stock in your area. These alerts DO work so sign up! With these links you can also find pre-advertised & un-advertised Wii's in stock & online only availability.

We would like to thank you all for your Awesome success stories! We absolutely love hear them! We understand quite a few of you took advantage of the Dec. 16th sale of the Wii he had posted. For those of you that are new to the site. That information was posted on Dec. 10th. Check back for future updates!
Check out the Amazon Wii Forum for up to the minute Info.

Many of the GameStop / EB Games did NOT receive and stock last week and none so far this week. Friday, they are doing the reserve promotion taking as many as 25 orders per store. Check your local GameStop or EB Games for more information.

If you plan on spending upwards of $500 dollars for a package, Why not buy a bundle. As of Dec. 18th 2:00pm EST, GameStop is offering Online Pre-Order Only for The Ultimate Action Bundle click here for details
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The Wii Nearby link at the bottom of the page features Google Maps to accompany your Wii search. It provides a list of Top Chain retail store names phone numbers and addresses that will hold Wii stock. It has been featured on CNBC and works Great!


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